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Nutriful Flavor Drops is a calorie-free flavor system that consists of aroma and sweetener. You can use it in a variety of foods and drinks.

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Nutriful Flavor Drops will become your new tasteful companion, either on the go, in your kitchen at home, or at work. The blend of flavor and calorie-free sweetener (Sucralose), provides a healthy and very tasty alternative. Not only are Nutriful Flavor Drops easy and convenient to use, they can be used in a variety of ways. With just one drop, a cup of black coffee can become sweet & savory, a big bottle of water can be infused with a fruity kick, and even plain yogurt can be transformed into a delicious treat without any added sugar. Nutriful FlavorDrops can also be used to enhance your baking recipes. Liquid foods and drinks are especially prone to containing high, unhealthy levels of sugar, beyond what most people are aware of, since those liquids are often labeled as ?healthy?. For example, one glass (250ml) of water with apple flavor by the brand Volvic contains over 7g of sugar. The mild flavor doesn?t lead you to believe that in drinking a whole bottle, you will consume 43g of sugar in liquid form. As further consequence, your body will not feel satisfied. On the other hand, you instead could have eaten 3 whole apples which are equivalent in both calories and sugar. While apples naturally contain fructose, they offer the benefit of valuable vitamins. Nutriful Flavor Drops allow you to sweeten your water to your liking, one drop at a time. With the choice of 10 different flavors being offered, you can create your own combinations. How about a banana caramel combo for example? What?s your favorite coffee creation at Starbucks? Maybe a Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with cream? In the worst case, you will consume more than 4000 calories in one single cup. The alleged unhealthy ingredients are cream and chocolate, however, in certain coffee specialties with intense flavor, a sugary syrup is added. The high sugar content spikes your insulin levels and equals the calorie total of a healthy, calorie reduced meal. Instead of those coffee-hidden sugar bombs, you could take an ordinary cappuccino and sweeten it with Nutriful Flavor Drops, which help you cut out ¾ of the calories. Especially the various chocolate, caramel, vanilla and hazelnut flavors, are perfect for use in coffee beverages. Additionally, it will save you time standing in line and lots of money as well. If you substitute the high-calorie Frappuccino with your own sweetened and flavored cappuccino three times a week, it will save you about 1000 calories a week. Another very popular use for Nutriful Flavor Drops is in yogurt. Most products on the shelf are an eye-catcher when it comes to packaging design. But the content often tells a different story. Product tests have shown that of the strawberry yogurts examined, the average fruit content is only 11%. The required minimum content is even lower at 6%. Artificial flavors and sugars compensate this and create big profits at the cost of the consumers and their health. Even though organic yogurts may not contain added flavors, most of them still contain added sugar, and therefore, are not as healthy as the word ?organic? might lead you to believe. Our advice is to choose an organic, natural yogurt and put slices of fruit in it yourself. This will result in far less sugar content and loads of vitamins and antioxidants. In case there are no fruits on hand, the Flavor Drops come into play. They will provide any natural yogurt a great taste, whether it be fruity or chocolaty, and sweeten it as much as you like, without any sugar or added calories! The bottle is small and easy to store, plus it is lasts for month due to its high concentration. Ingredients: Flavors, Sweetener (Sucralose)

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Nutriful Flavor Drops Apfel

Nutriful Flavor Drops Apfel

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